Paul Gravette- Company with compassion

Paul Gravette- Company with compassion

Paul Gravette understands the importance of diversity in building a successful business portfolio. With interests ranging from energy drinks all the way to long range communications, the ways that his huge online business, Le-Vel brands LLC, rakes in the money are quite varied. The most notable of these interests is the company’s nutritional product line “Thrive”, which reportedly brings in hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Among his other interests are weight loss products that target core fat, and the use of one of the world’s first online virtual shopping centers. Yet with all of this, his passions lie in helping others achieve their goals.

A visit to Facebook more than shows Paul Gravette’s need to give back to those that work around him. He is always giving free money, phones, and gift cards. His account shows a generous person that is trying to help others achieve the lifestyle and wellbeing that they deserve. He reaches out to help those who not only use his products, but want to also go into business by helping others for themselves. Paul Gravette only promotes the products he uses, and he encourages the young starters to do the same. On his social media he gives links to his videos and the training videos he offers to those looking for success. Paul Gravette has used his knowledge and skill to bring the best mixed marketing and direct to consumer sales tactics to the internet shopping game.

Many great business owners and ceo’s do not bother with social media because the results speak for themselves through their business practices, right? Well many would disagree, thanks to the internet changing the face of many companies, and not having presence on social media could be detrimental to your business’s growth.

Paul Gravette understands the necessity of social media in a media based economy, and makes sure that he keeps people up to date with his business. Since part of his business is helping new entrepreneurs get their business up and going, he likes to use Youtube. He has a variety of different videos that go over training tips to be successful as an entrepreneur. He also has people’s testimonies on how his products or training have helped them, so that you can see the genuine help he is giving people. Paul Gravette wants to connect with the people that help him and his business thrive, and he wants to be able to give back to those very same people. He wants you to Thrive.

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